20 November

Gym Fitness Equipment
About This Project

With the current explosion with the fitness industry of functional movement and training. Gyms are changing the way they utilise their space. With all these beautiful areas being produced throughout the world, all encouraging high intensity interval training, but very few of them offering an effective user friendly interface to time sessions. Jigsaw have moved into this market allowing fully bespoke branded units, with a simple easy to use interface. Our interface comprises of Work, Rest and Set customisation along with 4 of our pre-set protocols.

With the unit currently in use around the UK,  we have designed the product to be able to withstand even the most punishing gym environments. With the keyboard technology, being lifted from the fuelling department of Jigsaw Group, this keyboard is just as adept to spending its days on petrol forecourts in all weather conditions as it is to being on the gym floor.

For more information contact us now here. We can also arrange a 2 week trial of this unit.

Bring everything together

Our Rig mounter HIIT Timer allows clients and trainers to programme their own high intensity protocol or circuit classes. and then be guided through the session via our timing system providing visual and audio cues.


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