20 November

Gym Fitness Equipment
About This Project

We have reinvented the wheel…

Bringing the traditional bootcamp experience into the gym environment. The Sqyre takes functional fitness to the next level.

The Sqyre is a multifunctional piece of equipment that gives you a wide variety of different workouts whilst being less intimidating than a standard rubber tyre.

Due to the design the Sqyre is much more predictable, than standard tyres when thinking about direction and stability, which means it can be used in classes or in close vicinity to other clients.

Although designed to be primarily used for tyre flips it is also suitable for deadlifts, pushing, carrying and pulling with power ropes. The Sqyre really is an ideal piece of kit for anyone wishing to develop all over body strength.

Please ensure the Sqyre is only used on a smooth even surface and not on concrete or other abrasive surfaces.

45kg (Red)
60kg (Blue)
80kg (Green)

Sqyre Dimensions: 1090mm x 1090 mm x 300mm

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