Facility Design


    Our team of experts will work with you to develop your initial concept with our free 15 minute consultation.


    We will then take your concept and build it into a highly detailed floor plan and 3D render, designed to maximise client engagement and ROI.


    Jigsaw will then oversee procurement and supply and install the final specification agreed in the previous stages.

Product Development

  • 01 IDEA

    You can either leave this up to us, or, if you have an idea and want to make it a reality, we can also develop this idea.

  • 02 CONCEPT

    We will then go away and develop 3 different concepts to the initial idea discussed

  • 03 DESIGN

    Jigsaw prides itself on innovative design. We will go and take the chosen concept (normally a blend of different features from the 3 concepts) and finalise the design.

  • 04 DEVELOP

    With the contacts we have here at Jigsaw, Developing ideas is a fantastic process. We have some very good friends who will feed back on the product and let us know how industry ready that product is.

  • 05 TEST

    Finally, Jigsaw are unique as we are currently underway in the process of opening our own testing facility. This will house all of our current 12 prototypes and dev products.

The Best Solution For Your Business

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  • Developing the right R&D team is hard. Its is costly, and it takes a lot of managing. We take away the headaches and work along side your existing team.


  • At jigsaw we like to adopt the thought that the team we are designing for know who we are, the end user does not care who Jigsaw are. We are happy to white label all designs


  • Over the past 2 years we have gone into the design industry with fresh eyes. We use only the latest tools to make the design process as transparent as possible to the partner we are designing for.


  • We only ever take on 3 design projects at once. This is so that we have a diverse enough product range to keep us on our toes, but not too many so we can focus on all products and give them enough time